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Watch out when you call a trades person. Have a look at the pix below.


A customer rang our company saying there was a lot of interference on both TV's  , so we went out and investigated and this what we had found.

This was ment to be a two splitter.  The customer informed us a electrician had did the job. I must say he when to a lot of trouble to do this as you can see. Check the bottom picture


It must have taken an hour to do this . Soldering , sealing and tape. 

Supplied by the Antenna  Technicians Association Inc

Power supply fault. Recently, one of our Members, Julian Knox, received a telephone call on a weekend. I reproduce the

general thrust of the conversation here, with apologies to all concerned;

Caller Hello, is that J Knox Antenna Installations?

Julian Yes it is, how can I help you.

Caller Iíve got a problem with my television reception and was wondering if you could come and have a look at it.

Julian Certainly, what day would be convenient for me to call?

Caller I was hoping you could come straight away

Julian It is Sunday night you know

Caller Yes, I know, itís just that there is a smell of burning plastic and Iíd hate for my house to catch fire.

Julian Oh! You better give me your address and Iíll come straight over.

What Julian found was very frightening, and I have to point out, Julian was the repairer, not the installer. At this customerís

home, the unfortunate combination of slack installer, poor fitment of components, poor quality cable and Cockatoos, all came

together to create a potential fire hazard. Iím sure everyone is familiar with the Kingray MH21 power supply. It is a mains

connected device, designed to be fitted vertically on some form of mounting board or beam. It has a plastic housing which

encloses the mains connected parts of the power supply to avoid accidental contact by the user. Julian found that the installer

had used the very best quality air spaced cable, which we all know is completely irresistible to our avian friend, the Sulphur

Crested Cockatoo. The picture below shows the slight damage (in this instance) caused by an inquisitive white buzzard that

has thereafter allowed water to enter the cable. The high quality hose pipe, errrr sorry, air spaced dielectric co-axial cable,

ducted the water directly to the next occurring distribution component in the network. In this case, the unfortunate recipient

was a Kingray MH21 power supply, lying on its back inside the roof space. The plastic housing of the power supply acted just

like a little bucket capable of holding 286 mL of water (less component volume). I guess the mains devices inside would have

boiled the water off just about the same as my electric kettle I keep bubbling away here, while Iím typing up these notices.

Anyway, at some time, the heat and the moisture has resulted in the plastic housing catching fire. The fact that Julian was

called due to the smell is indicative that this problem would have just kept on keeping on, with a real chance of a house fire.

Fire damaged power supply Bird damaged co-axial cable

Generally speaking, Power supplies that catch fire do not provide the optimum voltage out, to drive the Mast Head amplifier.

Fire in Power Supplies should be avoided as often as possible. Members need to take stock of their installation practices. Lets

make sure that weíre not the oneís attending a Coronerís Court explaining how we installed a power supply. Pay attention to

Manufacturerís Installation notes. Iím sure Kingray will be less than impressed with this installation.

To avoid this happening to you call a professional A.T.A So the jobs done right first time.


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