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A masthead amplifier is designed to amplify low level off air signals. Due to these low level of signals being amplified, a very low noise figure is achievable. The Kingray masthead has been designed for a user friendly installation in all local conditions.




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'F' Connector Mastheads with Diecast Housing.

A combined VHF/UHF single input wideband masthead amplifier (44-860 MHz), primarily designed for a combination antenna. The unit has one gain control on it which provides a positive tilt for the VHF frequencies only, maximum 18 dB. The UHF frequencies are amplified by 24 dB non adjustable flat gain. The MHW24G supply voltage is 17.5 VAC or 14 VDC [65 mA].
Packaging Options: G+P, GP, DP

The most versatile masthead amplifier in the Kingray range. It provides multiple voltage options of 17.5 or 22 VAC or 14 VDC [75 mA] via the use of a jumper link. A similar jumper link is used for the FM trap. When the Trap is "IN", 24 dB of attenuation is achieved from 88-108 MHz. If the switch is "OUT", the normal response is maintained. A Pager notch is fixed at 148 MHz at -30 dB (158 MHz with MHW34GZP). The two separate gain controls are for VHF and UHF. The VHF control is adjustable from 18-28 dB, whilst incorporating positive tilt for frequencies between 44 and 230 MHz. The UHF (520-860 MHz) input has an ajustable flat gain of 24-24 dB. The MHW34G can be used for separate antennas or one combined antenna.
Packaging Options: G+P, GP, DP

Customised Models
MHW34GZP New Zealand Only.
MHW34GIL "In-line Amplifier" able to be line powered through.
MHW34GLV "Low Voltage Amplifier" complete with PIK170. Ideal for boats and caravans.

Extra stability is provided in this unit for a high ouput and a low noise figure, due to the use of a power regulator. Positive tilt is used on both the VHF and UHF stages. VHF 44-230 MHz = 20-28 dB, UHF 520-860 MHz = 32-38 dB. Both the levels are adjustable by -10 dB via the two mid stage gain controls. A -25 dB pager notch is adjustable between 142-182 MHz, but preset at 148 MHz. The permanently installed FM filter is set at -33 dB, this can be removed if required. Combined or separate VHF/UHF antennas can be used with a supply voltage of 14 VDD or 17.5 VAC [100 mA].
Packaging Options: G+P, GP


This link found on the PCB of some masthead amplifiers is to be removed if separate VHF/UHF antennas are required, but left intact if a combined antenna is used.

This multi-purpose link serves multiple functions throughout our masthead range, including:
Voltage Select
FM Traps
Power Through

The gain control provides a number of functions depending on the mastheads design, including:
Flat Gain Response
Positive Tilt Gain