PVR-X10A - Wintal Personal Video Recorder


PVR-X10A | Wintal Personal Video Recorder

A digital set top box with an integrated 80GB Enhanced-IDE Western Digital Hard Drive that records free-to-air digital television.
The PVR-X10A is developed and engineered in Germany specifically for the Australian Digital Network.
Besides its Ease of use - simple "One-Touch Record" that allows you to immediately start recording with the touch of a button, the PVR-X10A has a range of intelligent features.


  • PVR Features
    • 80GB Enhanced-IDE Hard Drive
      With it's generous capacity, you can expect to record up to 28 hours of continuous digital footage.
    • "One-Touch" Instant Record
      If something on TV instantly grabs your attention, you don't have to go deal with the hassle of finding your way through a list of options. Just press the one-touch record button on your remote control and the PVR-X10A will start recording quicker than you can say "One-Touch Record"
    • Pause Live TV
      If you are trying to enjoy your favourite show and your door is knocked unexpectedly, or the phone starts ringing, press a button and the PVR-X10A will pause the current show and start recording in the background.
    • Simultaneous Record and Playback - Timeshift Function
      You can watch a previously recorded show while the PVR-X10A continues to record in the background. You can even watch the show your PVR is currently recording and by skipping the ads, you can catch up to live tv! (Timeshift)
    • Present & Following Recording
      If you have to leave in a hurry but you don't want to miss out on the current or upcoming show on TV, with just a few steps your PVR will automatically program itself to record.
    • Timer with 12 programmable Weekly or Daily Events
      The PVR-X10A is so simple to program. You can choose daily, or weekly repeating scheduled recordings, or a one-off recording through its simple to use interface.
    • Post-Recording Tools:
      Perform the following simple editing options on any of your recordings
      • Delete from start until here
      • Delete from here until the end
      • Split here into two recordings
  • Suitable for the reception of all Free-To-Air Digital TV Broadcasts
  • Automatic Channel Scan
  • Full DVB-T & MPEG-2 Compliance
  • Genuine high quality Philips TV tuner
  • OSD with Multi-Language Menu
  • 2500 editable TV channels and 1000 editable radio channels
  • PAL/NTSC Automatic Conversion
  • Integrated Digital Text (Teletext/ Closed Captions) - Page Cache for 3000 Pages
  • Channel List Editor (Copy, Move and Delete)
  • Logical Channel Numbering
  • 16:9 Widescreen, Letterbox and Pillarbox Formats
    Easy change of display modes with a dedicated button on your remote.
  • Software Update Through RS-232 Port
  • Games, Calendar
  • S-Video via SCART
  • RF Loop Through
  • CD Quality Sound Output
    • S/PDIF Coaxial Digital Audio Output
  • Easy to Operate
  • Compact Slim-line Mirror Finish Design


  • 1x Euro AV SCART (S-Video via SCART)
  • 2x Composite Audio Left/ Right
  • 1x Composite Video
  • 1x RF In
  • 1x RF Out
  • 1x Coaxial Out
  • 1x 9-pin RS-232 Serial Port for Firmware Upgrades


  • Input Frequency: 174 ~ 230 and 450 ~ 860 MHz
  • 32Bit RISC CPU@130MHz
  • Power Supply: 85~250V AC 50~60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 15W Max
  • Dimensions: 280 (W) x 180 (D) x 45 (H) mm

Package Contains:

  • InfraRED Remote Control
  • 1 set of RCA Cables
  • Batteries for Remote (2x 'AAA')
  • Instruction Manual