Splitter Amplifiers are primarily designed to split and amplify signals that are of acceptable quality to one outlet unamplified, but when split to two or more, noticeable deterioration is present. Kingray provide a complete range for all applications





Our basic model splitter amplifier provides one input and two outputs with 12dB of flat unadjustable gain between 40-860MHz. Thanks to the design of this product it requires high input signal levels before overloading will occur, making it ideal for numerous applications. One output may be used for television reception and the other for amplifying FM signals. The unit is mains powered and incorporates ‘Belling Lee’ connectors, and a power ‘ON’ indicator.
Packaging: Standard & DP
The SA124 employs a single wideband input with four ‘Belling Lee’ outputs each with 10dB of gain over the 40-860MHz band. A positive tilt control has been included to adjust the low band VHF frequencies. The unit is mains powered via 240VAC and displays a power ‘ON’ indicator.
Packaging: Standard & DP
An ‘F’ connector single input, four output, remote powered splitter amplifier complete with a PSK06 power supply. The unit provides 4x10dB of flat gain from 40-860MHz. A positive tilt control is also present in this unit for low band VHF frequencies along with a power ‘ON’ indicator. Simple and cost effective.
Packaging: Standard
This unit provides a simple solution to an age old problem - amplifier required in strata block with no common power available. The SAM204 is remotely powered to any or all of the four outputs if required, due to its diode protection, therefore allowing each person to have their own power supply eliminating the need for one common power source. The UHF gain is set flat at 12dB, the VHF has 10dB of gain with a positive tilt control. If more gain is required there is an optional power pass link that will allow power to a masthead. The SAM is supplied mounted inside a weather resistant masthead box (MHB) allowing the flexibility of being placed outside or under the floor. The supply voltage is 17.5 or 22VAC or 14VDC. [50mA] Note: If you are powering a masthead and a SAM204, a PSK06 must be used due to current requirements. PSK06’s must also be installed when multipowering, due to correct phasing requirements.
This multichannel splitter amplifier has been primarily designed to amplify down converted microwave frequencies. However, due to it’s wideband (40-860MHz) frequency response, it will also amplify all other free-to-air channels as well. The unit provides 7dB of set gain after the four way splitter. The MDS7 can be remotely powered to any or all four outputs if required, due to it’s diode protection. There is also a power through option to the input via a switch if required. The supply voltage is 18VDC.