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Modulators are designed to convert a base band or A.V. (Audio Video) signal into an RF signal. This allows the outputs from set-top boxes, videos, DVD's, AM and FM tuners, CD players or cameras to be integrated into any television system. By using Kingray and Teleste's wide variety of agile modulators (able to adjust the RF output frequencies via dip switches or software) a flexible solution is available to suit each individual system.
Double Sideband (DSB) Modulator
The DSB modulator uses both upper and lower sidebands. This means at least one, sometimes two channel spaces need to be left so that the modulators dont interfere with each other. While relatively cheap, it uses extra bandwidth.
Vestigial Sideband (VSB) Modulator
The VSB Modulator has the second sideband filtered out. This allows you to place modulated channels adjacent to each other. The second or lower sideband must be be attenuated by 60 dB or more so it will not interfere with adjacent channels. More expensive due to superior filtering but makes more channels available.


Kingray have developed a new range of modulator products that can be rack mounted or individually installed. The ideas have come from your feedback. It is a product range that has been designed to be as flexible as possible yet suit numerous requirements including all future digital products. These products are the KR (Kingray Racking) Series and include a Passive Combiner, Powering Facility, Wall Mount, 19 Subrack, Double Sideband Modulators and a range of new generation Distribution Amplifiers. Products currently being developed in the same series will include V.S.B. Modulators, Demodulators and a Digital Processing Headend.
MD100V & MD100U

The MD100V (44-320 MHz) [230 mA @ 18V DC] and the MD100U (470-860 MHz) [180 mA @ 18V DC] replace the three MD80 models. They are both double sideband modulators with basic audio/video inputs and agile RF output. The outputs are phase lock looped to provide stability and can be set in 250 kHz steps. A test switch has been included to assist with the initial setup. (There is an external 5.5 MHz input for optional future use with a demodulator as a channel converter).

To provide extra flexibility these units can have an output of anywhere between 65-105 dB. This is achieved by the use of a 20 dB gain control and a switch. The MD100's have been build in the new die-cast housing for extra shielding and can be rack mounted/powered, powered individually or remote powered.

Two power options are available:

  PSK18S for single units.
PSK18KR for multiple units.

(The MD100V is currently undergoing further development to increase the bandwidth to 44-470 MHz).